UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Ruth Hellier-Tinoco

Performance studies

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Music, Theatre, Dance, and Performance.


PhD., Ethnomusicology/Dance Anthropology.


Dr. Ruth Hellier-Tinoco is the former Faculty Undergraduate Advisor for Latin American and Iberian Studies. For more info click this link (https://www.lais.ucsb.edu/sites/secure.lsit.ucsb.edu.gsts.d7_lais-2/files/sitefiles/about/Hellier_Tinoco_LAIS_Introduction.pdf)


Performing Palimpsest Bodies: Postmemory Theatre Experiments in Mexico (Intellect/U. Chicago) 2019.

New York: Oxford University Press, 2011


Theater 185MX – Mexican Theater and Performance
In this course you will engage with drama, theater, and performance in Mexico, covering a diversity of genres, styles, and works that have been significan in the last five centuries, up to and including the presnt day. Through play-readings, video screenings, and reconstructions you will explore and critically evaluate these plays, performances and dramas.

Music 175X/293X – Musics in Mexico
This course encompasses an exploration of a range of musics in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries in Mexico, contextualized in their political, ideological, and social milieu.This course is titled Musics IN Mexico (rather than Musics of Mexico, or Mexican Music), because the focus is on music within the territorial boundary of Mexico, rather that Mexican musics in the USA.

Theater 187MU and Music 168P – Performance/Memory/History: Creating and Analyzing Music, Theater and Dance
Engaging with music, theater and dance, students create interdisciplinary contemporary performance work, examining how memory and history are useful in creating performances and how performances create memories, histories, and herstories. Includes workshops, discussions and readings, live performances and presentations.

Music 17 – Worlds of Music
The subject of this course is people making music and music making people, in various regions of the world. The objective of this course is to enable you to engage with, critically evaluate, and take pleasure in a range of musics in their cultural contexts. Course material will cover aspects of music-cultures from various geographic areas or culture groups including: Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Poland, and Arab musics.

Music 262Q – Performance Studies
In this course we deal with a range of readings, topics, and themes drawn from the field of Performance Studies. These theories, methods, and frameworks can be applied to your own specific area of research and study.

Music 188/288 – Ethnomusicology Forum
Everyone is invited to participate in Ethnomusicology Forum, which is a space and place for supportive, rigorous, and interesting discussion of issues concerning music (all genres, eras, and contexts) and for music-making.

For full information on the courses listed above please click here > (https://lais.ucsb.edu/sites/secure.lsit.ucsb.edu.gsts.d7_lais-2/files/sitefiles/courses/Ruth%20Hellier-Tinoco%20Course%20Descriptions.pdf).