UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Graduate Courses

Below of the graduate courses offered by LAIS. To see which courses are being offered during this and the next quarter, search the UCSB general catalog.


Please bear in mind that LAIS 200, the recommended option among the three from which all graduate students are required to choose a required course in their first year of the Master’s program, is taught concurrently with LAIS 100.

LAIS Courses

200. Introduction to Latin American and Iberian Studies

(4) Staff
Required for all graduate students in the program.

Designed to acquaint students with current research on the main areas of Latin American and Iberian studies as well as the faculty associated with the program.


201. Interdisciplinary Approaches to the History and Societies of Latin American and Iberia

(4) Staff
Prerequisite: graduate standing.

Issues central to the study of Latin America and Iberia across the social sciences and history. Topics may include nationalism, revolution, politics and the state, economic development and international relations, labor, popular culture, race, gender, religion, migration, environment, imperialism, and colonialism.


202. Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Cultures, Languages, and Literatures of Latin America and Iberia

(4) Staff
Prerequisite: graduate standing.

Issues pertinent to the diverse cultures, languages, and literatures of Latin America and Iberia; disciplines and approaches may include pre-Columbian studies; Spanish and Spanish American literatures; Portuguese and Brazilian literatures; translation studies; cultural, gender, and queer studies; Romance language and linguistics.


203. Library and Archival Resources and Research in Latin American and Iberian Studies

(2) Staff 
Prerequisite: graduate standing.

Introduces students to digital and paper library and archival resources and research. Students will learn effective use of library and online research strategies from the instructor and the LAIS librarian.


590. Teaching Assistant Practicum

(4) Staff
Prerequisite: TA appointment.
Units earned do not apply toward completion of advanced degrees. S/U grading only. Required of TAs in LAIS. Participation in occasional workshops related to the field of teaching is required.

Supervised teaching of LAIS discussion sessions at UCSB.


596. Directed Reading and Research

(2-4) Staff
Prerequisite: graduate standing

Individual independent study which could include work with the Education Abroad Program. A written proposal for each tutorial must be approved by student’s program advisor and by the department chair. The number of units that a student may take depends on the nature of the program and the consent of the advisor or the graduate committee.


597. Individual Study for M.A. Comprehensive

(2-8) Staff
Prerequisite: graduate standing.
No unit credit allowed toward advanced degrees.

Individual study for M.A. comprehensive. Instructor should be student’s major professor or chair of advisory committee.


598. Master’s Thesis Research and Preparation

(1-6) Staff
Prerequisites: fulfillment of all graduate requirements except the thesis.

Only for research and writing of the thesis, under the direction of a faculty member in the program and with the approval of the program director.