UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Remembering Professor Reg Daniel

Reginald Daniel, Professor in the Sociology department and a LAIS Faculty Affiliate, was a dear member of the LAIS community. Passionate and generous as a mentor and colleague, he was always eager to give presentations in LAIS courses about his pioneering work on race and racial relations in the US and Brazil and attended our gatherings, even if swallowed by other commitments. A year into his death, LAIS pays homage to his memory with a brief testimony from one of our recent students.


Reginald Daniel departed this world a year ago, yet his presence is no less impactful today. He was a pioneer in his field of research, beloved professor and a source of wisdom for many like myself. Reginald, or Reg as we would call him, never made me feel less than or small as a first generation student. I always felt his encouragement anytime we would meet. As a committee member for my thesis, he inspired curiosity. Whether it was during our meetings or when I read his research. It was his research that pushed me to further examine the formation of race in ways I did not initially consider. Our class discussions nudged me to further understand the concept of multiracial existence as neither one or the other, but a whole experience that is one of its own. An experience that I apply to myself and exemplify in my day to day life as I continue to navigate the world around me.

As his student and his mentee I remember his strong belief in my ideas, thesis and contributions to the LAIS community. As a human being, I remember kindness, humor and his quick witted nature. He is missed.

Rosa Rodríguez  (LAIS graduate student, 2019-2021)

For more information on Reg and his work visit here  https://soc.ucsb.edu/reg-daniel