UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Recording of November Tertulia now available!

On November 17, 2020, we were joined by Javiera Barandiarán, María Galindo, and Tathagatan Ravindran for a lively discussion about the current situations in Chile and Bolivia. LAIS Director, Cecilia Mendez, joined us to briefly talk about the situation in Peru; and the event was moderated by Jaime Alvez (Black Studies).


After a tumultuous year of contested elections, street protests, and state repression, Bolivia and Chile have evidently reached important turning points in their democratic struggles. Is democracy back to stay? In this roundtable tertulia, one public intellectual and activist, and two scholars will join us via Zoom from Bolivia, Chile and Colombia, to offer their assessment and perspective on the recent events. 

Speaker Bios

Javiera Barandiarán is Associate Professor in Global Studies and is currently serving as Faculty Director of UC Study Abroad programs in Chile and Argentina. She has written extensively about Chilean democracy (joining us from Chile).

María Galindo is a founding member of the anarcho-feminist collective Mujeres Creando. She is a militant lesbian Bolivian activist, radio host, graffiti artist, audiovisual producer and writer, and a unique critical voice in Bolivia today (joining us from Bolivia). 

Tathagatan Ravindran is an anthropologist and Professor in the Department of Social Studies at Universidad ICESI, Colombia. He works on indigenous identities, social movements, and race/ethnicity in Latin America, with a special focus on Bolivia (joining us from Colombia). 

Link to recording: https://youtu.be/28L30480tY0

  • 0:00 – Cecilia Méndez opens the Tertulia
  • 8:17 – Javiera Barandiarán
  • 27:47 – Tathagatan Ravindran
  • 48:04 – María Galindo
  • 1:05:53 – Jaime Alvez moderates the Q&A
    • 1:08:50 – Javiera Barandiarán responds to questions
    • 1:12:00 – Tathagatan Ravindran responds to questions
    • 1:15:54 – María Galindo responds to questions
  • 1:39:01 – Cecilia Méndez talks about the situation in Peru
  • 1:52:03 – Additional Q&A
  • 1:56:16 – Closing words by Cecilia Méndez