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“Gender and Intimacy across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands,”

Professors Miroslava Chávez-García and Verónica Castillo-Muñoz (History) have served as guest editors in the Winter 2020 issue of the Pacific Historical Review’s special issue, “Gender and Intimacy across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands,”. The articles reflect the primacy of gender and intimacy in the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century borderlands, recovering experiences of women of Spanish-Mexican and Mexican descent. Through issues of gender and intimacy, along with race, ethnicity, class, and culture, the authors unveil how women’s lives intersected with economic, political, and social transformations. The result is a nuanced understanding of how women negotiated and resisted state-based, patriarchal ideologies that sought to restrict them. Please follow the link below to read for free, courtesy of the University of California Press.

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