Prof. Jennifer Tyburczy is offering a fantastic course in the Fall: Queer Hemisphere: América Cuir: FEMST 250AA T 12:00- 2:50 SH 4631A

Course Description

This course aims to cultivate an interdisciplinary dialogue between Latin America queer theory/sexuality studies and US women/queer of color feminisms. By applying geo-political pressure to ‘queer’ as an analytical category, the goal is to generate more textured accounts of and nuanced dialogues about how gender and sexual alterity are racially produced, lived and circulated in distinct, yet imbricated sites and contexts throughout the Americas. To counter the uncritical mainstreaming of US queer theory as centered site and presumed subject of study, our collective inquiry will address how current debates within the field concerning tensions between the rural and the urban, the public and the private, the center and the periphery, the productive and the reproductive, or the state and civil society might be differently and differentially articulated from queer and feminist of color perspectives that attend to both the geo-cultural specificities and the geo-historical entanglements that inflect relational scales of racial/sexual management.